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No matter how much he tried he couldn't get her out of his mind. Or his heart assuming he still had one. She was like a ghost in his soul. Nothing seemed to go like he planned and his only thoughts seemed to be conquered by Caroline's form. No matter how much he tried to pretend that she was out of his mind her face would come into his thoughts no matter what. Her imaginary figure would find him in his days and nights. Everything seemed to change, nothing stayed the same, and Caroline was always there. // In My Veins
until the very end
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VOTE FOR KLAROLINE!! we are almost loosing :(image

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Part I | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

You all should thank Nicole for making this amazing cover that inspired me to actually finish this thing.


Caroline’s voice reverberated through the penthouse and Klaus couldn’t help but smile as she called for him again, her heels clacking against the wood floor as she made her way down the hallway. He almost let her know precisely where he was, Hybrid hearing allowed him to hear her over the Tchaikovsky that was currently playing as he put brush to canvas, but he preferred having her seek him out. He could almost imagine her frustrated sighs, that adorable little bite of her lip as she peeked in rooms before utilizing her vampire hearing to actually find him.

“I swear you heard me calling for you,” she grumbled, lowering the volume on the stereo system as she entered the room.

“I knew you’d find me, sweetheart,” he continued working on his painting, trying to capture the light in it that had been avoiding his grasp for the last week. It was infuriating and he hoped he wouldn’t be destroying this one like he had all the others that didn’t live up to his expectations.

“Why did I just get one of these delivered to me?” she demanded, and he could hear her waving something in the air—no doubt the invitation to the ball that he’d deliberately had hand delivered to her residence.

A quick glance back confirmed his guess. “I’d think its rather obvious why you’d be getting one of them.”

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"And her fucking lips are like the G A L A X Y ’ S E D G E
And her kiss the color of a constellation F A L L I N G into place”

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Who do you ship Alena with? Is Klaroline your TVD otp? What's your opinion on the possibility of Stefan not being as goodhearted as he's made out to be?

Yes Klaroline is my ultimate OTP on TVD/TO (or on any other shows, really), and I ship Delena, but only in the fanon universe now (same with Klaroline).

I love Stefan but I think it is clear that he is very flawed (which makes him even more interesting in my opinion), he always had a dark side and I think this darkness in him is never going to disappear.

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Josh Dallas, Jennifer Morrison & Colin O'Donoghue @ 'Once Upon A Time' Panel, San Diego Comic Con, Day 3 (July 26, 2014)
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