who could ever love a man that’s cursed?

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now it can only be a one time thing

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Is   t h a t  our thing?

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If I can’t have my otp I’ll take the show sinking like the motherfucking titanic.


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Stephanie goes on a rant part 2.


Kay seriously, I haven’t even been back for 48 hours and this is my 2nd rant in 2 days, what even. We’re going through all this twitter bullshit because enough is enough and it’s gonna be a long one folks. Uhm. Let’s start with the catalyst shall we?imageI’m sorry…who are you again? Oh, nobody…

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I’d like to know if the Klaroline fandom can have ONE FREAKING DAY without being bombarded by bullshit unnecessary Steroline interviews, vom-worthy Klamille interviews, and demeaning, hurtful tweets from the cast/crew. Like can we have ONE day where we can relax? Every time something semi ends, there’s another thing is ready to pounce on us.

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TO Ratings: Are We Surprised That They Declined? (No)


  • 1x01: 2.21 (fun fact: the back-door pilot had higher ratings)
  • 1x02: 0.9/1.92
  • 1x03: 1.1/2.22
  • 1x04: 0.9/2.23
  • 1x05: 0.9/2.05
  • 1x06: 0.9/2.03
  • 1x07: 1.1/2.4
  • 1x08: 1.0/2.38
  • 1x09: 1.0/2.33
  • 1x10: 0.9/2.07
  • 1x11: 1.0/2.51
  • 1x12: 1.0/2.32
  • 1x13: 0.8/2.1
  • 1x14:
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Just a reminder


That Carina

aka the writer that constantly insults fans 


Wrote the next episode of TO


Do what you want with this information, but I for one refuse to support someone who treats their fans like crap.  I think her behavior is disgusting and I refuse to support someone who thinks it’s okay to make generalizations about a fandom.  

I sincerely hope that her episode hits a new low in ratings because she does not deserve anyone’s support. 

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if we’re sinners, then it feels like heaven to me
"Sinners" - Lauren Aquilina

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